Why Does IDEA hang at first start? (1113 - 1120)

I have the following problem, why does IDEA hangs when i start it first
My assumption is that it have todo with the installed plugins,
i have the following plugins installed:

Ant Project File 0.1
Aurora2Ant 0.1
CVS 0.1
DevPartner 3.0.1
LineMover 0.3
RegexPlugin 0.3.3
simpleUML 0.27a
Starteam 1.0
ToggleCharacterCase 1.2
Tomcat 1.0
XPathView 0.3.5

One the cmd Console there is no output, i solve the problem
with closing IDEA and starting again.
Why does IDEA not handle instable Plugins and freeze, is it not
possible to give the plugin some startup time, if it not starts then
it, so it is possible to work on?
I think this can't be resist in the Release Version of IDEA 4

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Build 1120 does not start at all, and I have no any plugins installed...


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