ClearCase integration plugin: how to create an activity from within IDEA?

Hello guys,

Is there a way to create a ClearCase activity from within IDEA?

I'm now trying the Maia and here is what I got. I have a project with ClearCase as my VCS.  Now, I have all my activities listed on Changes tab, which is great. But, the point is that when I check out a file from within IDEA - it is checked out under the current CC activity, while I might want to create a new one. What I want to get - is a new changelist associated with new CC activity. This is smth. I didn't manage to do from wihtin IDEA for now.

As I see, creating a new changelist doens't create an activity. Other way doesn't work either - there is just no way to create an activity directly from IDEA (I mean, some menu or an option in checkout dialog). So, as a result, I end up using standard ClearCase GUI to cehckout files. I understand that modifying a comment in checkout dialog is OK for SVN, but this is not really convenient for ClearCase, where activiteis are usually actively used to separate the changes.

So, could anyone advise me how to create a new activty and correctly associate it with a changelist in IDEA?

Thanks a lot for any help

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