Recovering Accidentally Deleted (non-VCS) File?


I inadvertently deleted a new file that hadn't been checked into VCS (svn) yet. I'd been editing it for the past few days in IDEA. It was open in IEA when I deleted it, but naturally IEA helpfully removed its editor tab and project entry when I brought IDEA to the foreground.

Is there any way to get at its local history so I can recover its contents?

This is IDEA 8.1.3.

Randall Schulz

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I figured it out, and figured I'd reply so it's in the forum record.

The reason I couldn't find the local history for this file before asking was that I'd used the Version Control -> Local History  -> Show History... command to access the local history and the dialog it presents shows only files that are currently part of the project. I had looked elsewhere for history access commands, but couldn't find them.

Then today I noticed that the context menu presented for directories in the Project window includes a "Local History" command and there the "external action" corresponding to me deleting the file was shown. Reverting that action restored the file.

Big sigh of relief ensued (even though I had an independent overnight snapshot of the file and thus would have lost only one day's work).

Randall Schulz


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