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Hi, I've been struggling trying to get Idea to connect to an svn repo that uses Kerberos and I need help. I've found that it is possible to make SVNKit (which is what Idea uses for svn support) to use native svn when you configure a tunnel in this thread. I tried setting a tunnel named sshk but Idea complains that it Cannot find tunnel specification for 'sshk. According to the thread, adding a call to SVNRepository.setTunnelProvider(options) should allow the tunnel to work from applications that use SVNKit. Is the source to the Idea SVN Plugin available or can this setting be applied someway? FYI, I've double checked the config file location in VCS -> Subversion settings and it is pointing to the right system default location for the config file and still it does not recognize the 'svn+sshk' prototcol. Help?

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Now I think I have a workaround for the problem. I started using Bazarr which can talk directly to svn repos and manage svn checkouts transparently. I then Installed bzr4IntelliJ (after hitting 1.6 errors with bzr4Idea on my Mac). I think I can use bzr's Subversion transparency to present the checked-out project as a bzr project in Idea. This seems to allow BZR to perform the svn stuff under the covers on Idea's behalf. I've only experimented with the idea so far but it seems to work. I was going to try the same approach with Hudson if I get stuck hacking the source.


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