SVN Branch; asks to branch each directory?

I'm not sure if just dealt with this issue in the past or if it worked differently, but here is my question...

When I select my IDEA Java project at the top-level and select Subversion -> Branch of Tag, why does IDEA ask me to branch each directory separately (view, src, resources, lib)?

This doesn't make sense to me and I've never seen another IDE work with SVN branches in this way.

Could there be something wrong with my high-level project settings or is this indeed how IDEA works with branching/tagging?

I can't understand why anyone would want to branch a single project entity into different places.

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How many entries do you have in "File->Settings->Project Settings->Version Control" table?
usually there should be only one entry: "<Project Root>" = "Subversion"

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Wi Wi,

I checked the setting you referred to and it appears to be right, the Project Root is set to "Subversion".  This is the one and only entry in the Version Control table.



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