Subversion svn:externals in Linux

Greetings again Programs.

I have Intelli-J 8.1.3 on MAC OS/X and Ubuntu (8.1 Intrepid)

In MAC OS/X when I checkout a project from Subversion that uses svn:externals linkage, all the files and dependencies come down with the checkout.

In Ubuntu Linux, only the actual artifacts are retrieved, no externals at all.

I see no errors, I check the box that states "Include externals locations" on checkout on both machines, and I am offered the option to upgrade the SVN working files to version 1.6, so I know the ability is there  -- yet only the OS/X machine actually downloads the whole linked project.

Has anyone else tried this in Ubuntu / Linux?  Does 8.1.3 work with svn:externals properly there?

Can someone help?!


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Ok, so I solved it myself - which I will answer here for posterity.

The problem is:
IDEA does not properly elevate SVN proxy errors to the user.

The reason I could not get svn:externals to work properly was because subversion decided that the external was to be fetched through my configured proxy, which was incorrect.

I tried using svn through the command line to see if I could nail down the problem.

In doing so I noticed an error being raised relating to PROXY AUTHENTICATION.

Since I don't use subversion through the corporate proxy, I never set a username/password or the like on it, but I did have a proper "no_proxy" environment variable which should have been sufficient, but it was 'not quite' ignored, but 'not quite used' either.  I told it to no_proxy networks like "" which turned into "" in the ~/.subversion/servers file.. Go figure on that one.  Obviously not going to do what I expected.

I edited my ~/.subversion/servers file to have the correct ignore lines, as well as the correct username/passwords for my proxy in case it tried the nonsense again, and VOILA externals began working!

Fired up IDEA and POOF! Magic, they're all working again.

So there you have it.  If IDEA had raised the proxy error to me, I would have known from the start 0 but instead it quietly swallowed it and pretended the checkout was done.


Thank you and goodnight.


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