Windows 7 - starting up minimized and cannot be maximized (solution)

Hey guys,

First post here, but I thought I would spread the love and provide a tip.

Basically, what happened for me was that IntelliJ IDEA would start minimized.  License, configuration, startup dialogs would show, the window outline would quickly flash and then minimize and no matter what I did, the IDE would not maximize again.  If I chose to close it from the taskbar, the "Do you wish to exit" dialogue would appear.

After re-installs (both IDEA and Java SDK), relocations of install directories and restarts, I was about ready to throw in the towel and rollback to Vista ('cause my excuses to work were wearing thin )

Anyway, as an option I should've tried early on, I went and turned off Aero and I could maximize IntelliJ again (must have forced Windows to redraw it).  Switching Aero back on and it still maximizes.

So, thought I would post it here if anybody using Windows 7 RC1 has the same problem they have a solution to search from.



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God bless you for the solution. Unbelievable that this bug still exists in IDEA 2018.2.2 + Windows 10 Aero


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