Problem with Server Configuration (jar recognition) after restarting IntelliJ


I'm a new user running intelliJ 8.1.1 on windows XP.
I've defined a project and configured a tomcat server to it. The Tomcat has various jars in its Tomcat/common/lib directory. This directory was attached under the project structure/Libraries/common configuration. I went on to compile and run the project successfully. Now for the problem - Closing the intelliJ leads to "corruption" of the project. After closing the intelliJ, and later restarting it, I get compilation errors, due to the fact one of the jars is not recognized (even though I did not change a thing..). This is solved by detaching and then reattaching the tomcat/common/lib directory.

What causes this problem? How can I prevent this error?



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The question is still relevant, please ignore this reply. sorry...


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