Mark a string for SQL highlighting?


SQL highlighting in IntelliJ 8 is really nice, but it appears it can only be done on strings that are provided to a fixed set of methods (such as Spring's JdbcTemplate methods).

I have a number of convenience methods that I use in my DAOs that execute SQL for me. One of these methods looks like:

public static int queryForInt(JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate, int defaultVal, String sql, Object... args);
which is similar to JdbcTemplate.queryForInt(), but returns the defaultVal if the query results in no rows.

The SQL string that is provided to a convenience method like this isn't highlighted by IntelliJ because the plugin isn't identifying that the string is eventually provided as a SQL statement to a JDBC query/update method.


Is there a way to mark or annotate:

  • a String variable, and/or
  • a String parameter of a method

so that it is highlighted as SQL?

If not, how about adding this as an ability of the plugin?



Hi Robert,

You can configure all these things though the "IntelliLang" settings.



Small IntelliJ IDEA 8.0 and 9.0, you can configure this
in "Settings...Language Injection".


Just what I was looking for -- Thanks Taras!



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