Gwt 1.6 in Intellij Idea 8.1

Hi! I'm try configure gwt app for debug in Idea. Seems there is no native support in Idea, so I try configure "Java application" manually. I'm set:

Main class:
Vm parameters: -Xmx256m
Program parameters: -startupUrl test.html ru.shirtmaker.Test
Check to use classpath from current module.

But when I run app, get 404 error in hosted browser. When I see at generated directory structure, there is no needed test.html and other files.
Could somebody help with issue ?

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IDEA 8.1 doesn't provide support for GWT 1.6. I think your run configuration will now work because this version of IDEA doesn't actually see files in war directory. Try to move them to public as in GWT 1.5 and it should run in HostedMode.

Support for GWT 1.6 is in IDEA 9, you can try it in EAP builds


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