svn integration question

If I have a svn repo with a dirctory structure like:


I want to do an subversion update without getting the bin dir.... I know I can go to each dir and right click and hit Subversion->update directory.  But in my case I have 20 dirs and want 19 of them.  Is there a way I can tell IJ I don't care about the one dir?  Best I can tell SVN doesn't have a feature like this.


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But in my case I have 20 dirs and want 19 of them.

in this case you can select 19 (using shift+click to select all and then ctrl+click do deselect one)
then hit Subversion->update directory and IDEA will update only selected directories

in case you have 20 dirs and want 10 of them
you can create scope containing only wanted directories
then in project view go to scope, select all (with shift+click) and hit update

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I don't like the answer, but this appears to be the only way.

This is a deficiency in SVN I guess.


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