Vertical toolbars in windows docked to the bottom

I'm not sure if this is a specific issue or a generic one.

My problem is that I often like to shrink the bottom panel to be quite small, which causes the buttons on the bottom to be hidden and collapse into the ">>" menu.

Sometimes, the buttons that disappear in this way are quite important and often needed.  My current example is the "Close" button on the Debugger.  I constantly find myself having to expand the hidden items to find that button (I do know about Ctrl-Shift-F4, but if I'm already using the mouse this isn't as useful).

It would be great if some thought went back into the ordering of the icons, to make sure unimportant ones get hidden first in some way.  Either that, or allow the user to rearrange those toolbars (they don't seem to be included in "Menus and Toolbars" in settings, that I could find).


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