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I do wonder why you don't store the ipr file in version control.
Usually I just check out the complete branch (including module and project files) to another folder and open the project.

Of course, multi-selction in the select modulke file dsialog would be nice.

lacroix1547 wrote:

Having one project for each of my branches seems to be a good idea to me in order to have one intellij instance opened per branch.
I want instant access to an intellij isntance on each of my branches, nothing less.
I would have my multiple iml module files in source control but not the other intellij files.
Now, do only thing missing to me is a multiple module import, to be able to create a new project for a new branch, in a blink.
I cant see that feature nowhere I am surprised a little bit.
How does that sound wo you all?

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