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I manually checked out source files from a subversion repository. I used my own subversion client for this, and NOT IDEA.
Then, I imported the existing sources on my local hard disk into a new IDEA project. This gives me an IDEA project (ipr file and all) with all sources in it.

Since the project was checked out from subversion, there is a .svn-folder with subversion repository information. However, IDEA does not seem to detect this automatically. If I open the project in IDEA, I cannot commit my changes or get the latest changes from subversion. IDEA just treats it as local project files, without subversion integration.

I can find no option in IDEA to tell IDEA that the files ARE actually in subversion. I cannot find a project setting where I can enable subversion integration. Again, the files WERE checked out from subversion manually with my own svn-client, so the .svn folder and everything is right there. I can also commit changes into subversion from my own svn-client. Just the IDEA-integration cannot be enabled.

How do I do this? There must be a way to do it.

I do NOT want to start over and check out the files from WITHIN IDEA (which would indeed enable subversion integration). And I do NOT want to check in the existing files into a NEW repository. I just want files that were checked out with another subversion client to have subversion integration within IDEA.

I'm using IDEA version 8.1.3 with the subversion integration plugin.

Can anybody tell my what menu option I am missing?

Thanks a lot!


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My colleague just found the solution.

Open the project in IDEA.
Go to File - Settings.
Click on "version control" (the root node, not any of the subnodes)
At the right side of the dialog, for VCS - project root, select "subversion".
Click OK to save the changes.


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