Idea Loading Project - "Building JavaScript Indices"

Is there any way to keep IDEA from building these javascript indices?

It takes a very very long time for me, and since I rarely edit those files, I would like to skip over this step if possible.

Any ideas?


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It is seriously absurd how long this takes - over 30+ minutes on average. Here is a bit more of a description:

Perhaps I have my project set up incorrectly?

One thing to note is that it appears to be looking in recursive directories that do not exist. For example, it will show a message that it is indexing:


and then..



However there is no recursive symlink in the common directory. Eventually it finishes loading, but IDEA will run very very slowly - with lots of lag and will sometimes it will appear to freeze.

It seems like these recursive directories are causing a ton of info to be stored in memory, and then it is causing the program to run slowly (or even freeze)


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