Mac OS X Java update available (from Apple)

Updates Java 6 to update 14 which includes the -XX:+UseCompressedOops option... greatly reducing the amount of memory 64 bit java takes.

I'd be interested in hearing about anyones experience trying this with IntelliJ.

The update also update Java 5 to Java 1.5.0_16 and Java 1.4 to Java 1.4.2_18.   Only for Mac OS X v10.5.7

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I am afraid Apple's update brings JDK to 1.6.0_13, not _14 ... I don't think that -XX:+UseCompressedOops switch exists in update 13, neither does the new and improved G1 garbage collector . I guess we'll have to wait another year to get those features in our Macs.


i retract. 

i got excited by clicking the link from apple's site to sun's site, sun showing the latest being _14. 

plus the apple doc is confusing on 1.4 and 5... 

the new java 1.4 does show up as build 1.4.2_21 (as listed by apple, but on sun's site it only goes to 19, so there is no information on what _20 and _21 might be)

the new java 5 shows up as build 1.5.0_19, although the apple docs state _21... but on the sun docs it goes only to _19.

it is unfortunate that apple missed 6 _14 but took 5 _19 as they seem to go hand in hand (looking at the bug fixes), and were released by sun around the same time.

we were so close to being caught up.  no luck, thanks apple.


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