Ant integration in 8.1.2

I'm running the latest Linux build, 9852. Unless I missed something the ant support in 8.1.2 is broken. I no longer have the any Ant menu items under the Window menu. Is this a known issue? I have a hibernate config file at the root of my source directory (not in a package) and I need that file copied to the WEB-INF/classes directory and Intellij doesn't seem able to do it from the IDE forcing me to edit the ant build script. I generated an Ant build file, renamed it to build.xml and now the option to add an Ant build file is missing from the context menu. It's there if I keep the default build file name. Thanks.


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I went ahead and installed build 9880 and that fixed the bugs I found including copying of the hibernate config file to the WEB-INF/classes. We tested the windows version of 8.1.2 and did not observe the same behavior in build 9852 on Windows.


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