Is changes -> repository working in released idea8?

I can't get Repository tab to show any changes for Subversion, it always displays "Press refresh button to load repository changes".
When I do click refresh button, the background thread quicky finishes and shows no changes.

I got the same problem in my plugin (hg4idea) Changes -> repository shows nothing. I can see in idea.log that my command to get repository changes is never called.

Looks like a bug or doesn't get enough information to get repository changes?


Hello Victor, please check that VCS roots mappings are OK.
You can also check that your Subversion local copies under VCS roots are correctly detected: go to Subversion | Show Working Copies, and for sure you can use "Refresh" button there.

Hi Irina,

Thanks for your support, I think I found my problem
I am using symlinks:
  trunk //actual repo
  current -> trunk //a symlink to trunk
my project setup is using 'current' as project root,
whan I changed my project settings to use 'trunk' instead of 'current' my repository changes showed up

thank you

Thanks for this response victor!  It helped me fix my issue!


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