Ant problem with condition and import

I'm running into a problem with Ant using condition & import. I'm wondering if this should work in IDEA and I'm doing something wrong or if I've found a known issue...

This is at the start of my project's Ant build.xml

<condition property="import.path" value="../another_dir" else="">
        <not><isset property="ci"/></not>
<import file="${import.path}/build.xml"/>


When I try this in IDEA7, I get the error '${import.path} does not exist'
As a workaround, I can define import.path as an Ant property in IDEA and fix the problem.

Is IDEA7 supposed to understand condition?
IDEA9 appears to, although running imported targets fails for some reason
I do not have IDEA8 to try it there


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Earlier versions of IDEA's ant support did not recognize properties that were set in tasks other than the 'property' task. It was more of a limitation than a bug. This is what you are running in to. IDEA 8 had some nice improvements to the ant support. One of them was to eliminate the limitation you are seeing. You are seeing that improvement in the IDEA 9 EAP you tried.

Back when I was using IDEA 7, I used a similar workaround as you mention. I'd put in a target (which I named "placeholders" or "properties-listing") that was never actually called. In it I simply added <property> definitions for properties defined in tasks other than the property task to eliminate the IDE's error highlighting. A horrible hack since code should never be put into an application to work around development tool issues; but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. As you have seen, this issue has been improved in later versions of IDEA.

As for your comment on IDEA 9 having problems with imported targets, I just ran in IDEA 9 (EAP #10322) a complex build we have that makes extensive use of imported build files and targets. It ran without issue. So I'm not sure what the problem you had might be.


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