preferred folders list

When choosing the project location or when adding a library, or while opening a file ('Select Path' window)
may be nice to have a "preferred folders list" like
that already present in Explorer..


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...Would be very useful to have a preferred folder list.
For example, when I add a new Library, I'm forced to navigate everytime to my external Library folder (that often is always the same)...
Yes, I'm lazy!! ;)

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I like this idea.

What irritates my currently when adding a new library is that in order to add the classes, source, and javadocs you must do...

- choose "add classes"
- navigate from "/" to the library folder
- add the classes
- choose "add source"
- navigate from "/" to the library folder again
- add the sources
- choose "add javadoc"
- navigate from "/" to the library folder again
- add the javadoc

...and the same for each subsequent library.

If those dialog boxes would just remember where they were (which folder in they were in) previously it would be a big help, or if we had preferred folders like the OP said that would be a big help too.

There might already be an SCR for these features, if not I'll create one.


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