Running problem

Well, I have this Java project structure:

  |-- some.packages/java files
  |--config/xml & properties files

When I build the project, every file is copied into out directory:


When I want to run a test, it first Make the project, but when it do that, the config directory is not copied into out/test, so the test don't run fine.
To get the test running fine, I have to 'Rebuild project' and uncheck the Make (before launch) option within Run dialog box.

Any idea?

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I tried to reproduce this bug, but failed. More notes about my test case:

1. I have created a project with the structure you have described.
2. Put into scr-test/some.packages. This class contained the single empty method, annotated with @Test from JUnit 4 lib.
3. Inside this method done Ctrl+Shift+F10. A test configuration for the method was made, with Make = On by default.
Properties and config files were successfully copied to output.

BTW, my build is 9853. What is yours? Any more differences (maybe TestNG, a way to create run configuration)?


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There is a bug with which the describe behavior is possible:
Try to rebuild to "cure" the project.


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Thank you very much, Alex, I didn't know there was a bug. But rebuild doesn't work, because that is what I do
to run my tests. First rebuild, then run the test without Make checkbox checked.

Also I use to compile only the modified file then run the test.

Thanks, again for your answer.


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