[Flex] more than one application in a module


let's say I've got two MXML components extending Application in one FlexModule. The module settings tab, Flex Compiler Settings, allows me to define only one application entry point. Does it mean I cannot run more than one application in one flex module wthout changing the settings back and forth all the time?


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Hi Jan!

Unfortunately this restriction is caused by the logic of Flex compiler.
Information about "entry point" is put in compiled *.swf file. That's
why it is compiler option but not run configuration option. So to have
ability to run 2 applications you need to have 2 *.swf files. There are
two ways to achieve this in IDEA:
1. Create 2 Flex modules: common sources + first application in 1st
module, second application class in 2nd module (add dependency on 1st
Or slightly different way - 3 modules: one with common sources that are
compiled into *.swc library, and two dependant modules with application
2. Create one Java module with 2 Flex facets. Make Flex facets
configuration similar with the only difference in entry point classes
and output *.swf file names.

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hi Alex,

thx for the reply. the solution is a bit fiddly, but hey, can't have everything


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