Dependency Viewer doesn't show libraries any more?


In IDEA 7.0.4, when I use Analyze > Analyze Dependencies on my project, I get the Dependency Viewer tool window. In the left pane are nodes for Library Classes, Production Classes, and Test Classes. The same nodes appear in the right pane. So for example, I can see which libraries any given package in my production classes depends on. I use this quite often, and it's a favorite feature of mine.

Running the same analysis with IDEA 8.0, I get my module as a node in both the left and right panes. There are no nodes for Library Classes, so I cannot study library dependencies.

Is this due to the new Scopes feature? I haven't set up any scopes explicitly, just accepted the scope(s) created by IDEA for my project. How do I set things up to look at library dependencies?

John Hurst

Wellington, New Zealand

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This is still the case with IDEA 8.1.2.

Does no one else use this features for checking library dependencies as well as depdendencies within the project?

John Hurst
Wellington, New Zealand


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