Is there a way to get a committed file to leave the Version Control Update Info window (without having to update again)?

Typically I like to work on several files in the project and then do "update on the directory" which brings up the "Version Control Update" window. I then like to select one or more files and commit them with a message. The problem is after the commit you are still left with the files remaining in the view, making it very confusing to keep track of ones you've already committed. Is there a way to get them to be removed from this view once committed?

I know if I commit from the project tree itself the color changes, but it's nice to work with the version control update window so I can see all the commits I need to make.

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Ok, I see that for commits on updates the color changes in that view which is fine enough. The color still remained red for some deleted files that I committed, that's why I was confused. (Maybe they should change color as well or be removed from the view after a commit on a removed file?) (This is using CVS by the way.)


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