Miranda Rights and Prayer (updated)

I've updated the Word document crafted by Evgeny Goldin(http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jsp?forum=22&thread=63081&message=659903&q=6d6972616e6461#660400) containing the Miranda Rights (IntelliJ version), and I've appended the Prayer.

All these quotes have been produced by a brilliant J2EE Apostle, called Robert S. Sfeir. May thy name be sanctified Robert.

You may print it, and pin each sheet on the walls of your cubycle, on the door in the toilets, or wherever suits you best.

Miranda Rights : http://glaforge.free.fr/weblog/index.php?itemid=58&catid=2
IntelliJ Prayer : http://glaforge.free.fr/weblog/index.php?itemid=60&catid=2
Guillaume Laforge

IntelliJ - Miranda Rights and Prayer.doc

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