Flex SDK is not specified -- imported existing project from pom.xml

I have a Flex project which uses Maven, so there's a pom.xml file.  I wanted to try out IntelliJ's Flex support so I downloaded and install IntelliJ 8.1 and then did the following:

1. File -> Open Project
2. Selected the "pom.xml" for my Flex project
3. The project loaded.
4. Right-click on the project name, select "Module Settings".
5. In the dialog, select "Modules" (on the far left list)
6. In the list to the right of the list with "Modules" you should see the project (in my case i see it "ui")
7. Expand that node and you'll see "Flex" under it.
8. Select "Flex"
9. The "Flex SDK" is not set, in fact the combobox just has a red exclamation point in it, at the bottom of that view there is a yellow triangle icon with the message "Flex SDK is not specified".

How can I specify a Flex SDK coming from an existing project?  I've seen the steps for what to do with a new project but I have an existing project I'm using here.


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Got it.  Open up the "Project" settings and define the "SDK" for the project.

Ref: http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/thread/274342

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Project Structure -> JDKs -> Add New Sdk -> Flex SDK, select root of
Flex SDK installed on your computer, apply changes. Then you'll be able
to select just created Flex SDK in combobox at Flex facet tab.


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