Local VCS: Never purge labels!

When I label a file or project in Local VCS, I expect to be able to revert to that state at any point in the future. AFAIK, Idea 1035 does not work this way. Labels are purged after 'keep local history days' (3 by default).

Posted: May 31, 2002 12:45 AM
Rob Kooper" <kooper(at)mindspring.com> wrote in message

True and that is what I do already, but, it does delete things after 3


(by default). What I was hoping for was that if I mark things, give it a
name, it would stay in my version control, and not get purged. Correct me


I am wrong and this is already done.



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I'm pretty sure it's never worked that way, but it would make a good feature request.



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