Is there any existing plugin / tool to supply meta data for properties in properties files?


I have been assigned the task of internationalising a large Java application, where most strings have been externalised into properties files. However, there is a mix of files and various other properties files all containing language specific values.

I will at some point need to send these off to a translator to translate but before doing that I need to determine which properties require translation and what their context / where they may be found, might be.

Has anyone any similar experience or does anyone know of a tool or plugin that might aid me with this task?

I am aware of IntelliJ's ability to identify unused / redundant properties which I shall most certainly make use of but it doesn't fully encompass my needs.

I am currently contemplating writing a plugin that would present me / the user with all properties from each file and allow entry of meta data for the property, for example; whether it should be translated and if so where it may be used - also the ability to jump to the property declaration and usages in code. However this is bound to take some time and don't want to replicate something already available.

Thanks in advance.

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