"Create Run/Debug configuration" still missing in 1035


I was very happy when Jetbrains included the "Create Run/Debug
configuration" menu item in the context menu of a main-class. A couple
of builds ago it was dropped. Why?

If you decided to drop it in the context menu, why not add it to the Run
menu instead?

This action was necessary for me to create a configuration and be able
to change some parameters. Now it's inconvenient as in older IDEA
releases: start the application, kill it, edit the configuration.


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I prefer it not being there, that menu is so cluttered, but I would be okay with it if all of the Run/Debug/Create actions were in a submenu.

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Do you mean the context menu or the Run menu?

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I mean a submenu in the context menu, called "Run/Debug" or something.


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