Bad Mojo unzipping (jdk 1.4.2_03)


I can't unzip (from ) either on XP or Solaris. unzip tells me that it's not a valid zip archive. Obviously it's working for some of you, since no-one else seems to be complaining. I get similar errors if I download the windows installer for 1050 that includes this file.

Please speak if you've also had problems with this.



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Sean Broadley wrote:

I can't unzip

The file I downloaded unzips perfectly fine using XP itself, winzip and
PowerArchiver on windows. The unix "unzip" program works without error too.

I have the following MD5 hash:
MD5 ( = deee3be94fd0089bc08be18db114e80e

It perhaps might be useful for MD5 hash's to be "officially" provided on
the download page for validation purposes?


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