Ant Build target on the Toolbar?

I don't know if this feature is possible, but I've been poking around to see
if I might have missed something and it is possible. Basically, I've been
doing a lot of JSP/CSS work that I need to "refresh" to see the look and
feel. An Ant script does all the work for me. But it's just a tad "tedious"
to go to the Ant window/tab to fire off a task. Similarly, I can run a task
from a dropdown box on the toolbar, but because I have a few tasks, I have
to choose the Build menu item, hover to the Ant menu item and then
hover-right to the task I want to execute.

It would be really nice to be able to place a task on the toolbar for
one-click builds. I'd put it right next to Run, Debug.

Am I alone here in seeing this as helpful?


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One thing I do with build targets I run a lot is to assign them a keyboard shortcut via the Keymaps. Until they implement something else, you might try that.

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Funny. Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for. One click builds. Oh
well. I can take the suggestion to use keymaps instead for the time being.
I just hate memorizing things.


"Mark Lee" <> wrote in message

Is this what you mean?




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