Project pane menu

At the risk of starting another UI conflagration: I noticed the new menu
button on the project page that lets you select which of the three views
of the project hierarchy you want to see (Packages, Project, J2EE). The
fact that it displays a left or right arrow head, or both, suggests that
I should be able to click on the arrow head to move to another view in
that directory. Is that the intended behavior? Because it doesn't work
that way on OS X: No matter how the button is labeled, clicking anywhere
on it simply drops the menu. And the label is ugly on OS X--the arrow
heads are too heavy.

Also, this menu doesn't behave like other drop menus: After it has been
dropped by clicking on it, a second click or pressing Escape doesn't
hide it again. (It takes two presses of Escape to cause it to close.)

I haven't filed an tracker issue because it's not clear what the
intended behavior is.

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