Debugging with WTK broken?

I think (remote) WTK/midlet debugging is broken in the 1019 build. (And
as far as I can tell, in the 1002 build as well).
I used to be able to launch the WTK (or in fact, any j2me emulator...)
in remote debug mode, and attach to it from IDEA. (using default
settings for the remote debug configuration - port 5005)

Now it seems the remote vm waits for some sort of signal from IDEA's
debugger that never arrives. I can see the connection being made : after
'Waiting for debugger on port 5005', it says 'Connection received' (the
IDEA debug window also says 'Connected to the target VM ... etc'), but
then the emulator just sits there - no midlets are/can be launched

btw - remote debugging of 'normal' java programs works just fine.

This is really a pity/pain - Aurora was the only development env.
where this worked...

Any hints? Workarounds? Should I file a bug?


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Alexei Nikitin wrote:

Cool. Let me know if can be of any help - I'm running Linux, and use Sun
JDK, WTK 1.0.4, WTK 2.0.01, WTK 2.1, and the 0.3.1, 1.0 and
1.2.1 versions of the Nokia MIDP SDK's. - (yes, very much in 'write
once, test everywhere' mode ;)



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