suggestion: make IDEA an general editor (right click on file: "send to IDEA")

One reason people like TextMate so much is they can browse to any file  from Finder/Explorer (shell script, properties file, xml file, yml file, etc) and right click and hit "Send to TextMate" and they can quickly look at/edit that file.

Or from command line type "mate blah.xml" and the file pops up.

In IntelliJ/RubyMine you have to create a project, add in the file, etc.  Terrible for a quick look at a file.  Terrible for a one/two time usage.

I know the product isn't designed as a general purpose text editor, but the IDEA editor is phenomenal.  Seems a shame not to leverage it for general purpose.

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Would help with a lot of common scenarios for me--often find myself looking at sample code I've downloaded, which doesn't belong in the project. Navigating through the file system through Open File... can end up being fairly tedious.

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Totally agree. +1

It's very common to me read sample codes in the editor but I can't do it in IDEA.

Felipe Cypriano

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I've got a shortcut in my SendTo folder to a BAT file with the following contents which does exactly that:

java -classpath "C:%HOMEPATH%\.IntelliJIdea\config\plugins\systemTools\lib\systemTools.jar" org.intellij.systemTools.fileLoader.Main %*

From what I remember when I set up it what seems like a million years ago, there was a plug in involved.


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