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Hi all,

I am using Intellij IDEA v5.1.2 and I have a problem when trying to go to the declaration of classes. When I press CTRLB or the mouse wheel I am suposed to be forwaded to the .java file but instead I am forwaded to the .class one. The only way to open it is by pressing the combination CTRLSHIFT+N and then selecting the appropriate .java file.
Moreover, I have changed the file type settings by removing the .class extension. Then the "go to declaration" works properly, but classes like 'String' are not recognized and I am afraid it will not compile...

Does anybody have any IDEA?

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Have you tried pressing the F4 function key after positioning the cursor on the class to navigate to? I'm not sure if this will work with IntelliJ IDEA 5.x because I've only used 7.x and now 8.1.


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