Idea 8.1, soylatte 1.0.3 - can't find standard (java.* etc) classes?

Since I'm on a 32-bit intel mac I can't use apple's 1.6 JDK so I'm using the soylatte/OpenJDK build.

In the JDK config I see dt.jar, jconsole.jar and tools.jar as class libraries and under sourcepath.

I can't find a jar containing the compiled standard classes (I've also looked under the jre directory) - just

It works fine on the command line (I can even start Idea with soylatte as the JVM that runs it) - but Idea can't find things like java.lang.Long etc etc when coding.

Any hints on how to correctly configure this JDK?

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You need to add the jars to the classpath tab for the SDK, I've got the following jars

The jars in jre/lib and jre/lib/ext I added manually.

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I tried adding some of them to see but not all - I see from this I should have gone with the "Oh well - might as well add the lot" idea Thanks.

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I think you should post a bug to JIRA.

AFAIK they haven't tested soylatte at all.


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