No Solaris jre ?!!!

Hello All,

Is it just me? or isn't there a generic Unix jre for 1002?

I tried the Linux jre, and the official jre with no results.

The Linux jre found on the download page gave me a weird error in Line 1
"Unexpected ')'" or something of that sort, and the oficiall one couldn't
start IDEA.

Best Regards,

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There's no such thing as a generic Unix JRE. If you're on Solaris you may be able to:

1) Download J2SDK 1.4.2_03 from the website
2) Download the linux tar.gz IDEA distribution
3) Modify the startup scripts to use the JRE you downloaded
4) Start IDEA and be happy.

You may need to add to the lauching command so IDEA doesn't check which JRE version you're using. But please use 1.4.2_02 or 03, and make sure the tools.jar file is in the classpath the script builds.


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