A .class file as a superclass?

Will IntelliJ accept a binary compiled .class file as a superclass?
I see that a regular source file(.java) works fine as long as it is in the same directory, although when I tried a .class file, it didn't seem to want to accept that.

I know IntelliJ's IntelliSense will probably be "dumbed-down" since it cannot not access the source, but I would assume it has this capability to do so, especially since a simple IDE such as jGrasp allows it.

Thanks for the help.
(BTW, IntelliJ is way easier to use than Eclipse!

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You need to make the library containing the .class file known to IDEA. Click
File>Project Structure>Modules, select your module and on the Dependencies
tab you can use Add>Single Entry Module Library to either add the jar file
or directory containing your library's .class file.

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Tom that is great!
Thank you very much.

IntelliJ is a lot easier than Eclipse.
(Although too bad its not drag and drop into the sidebar.)


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