web service client generation

I used the web service client generation available in IntelliJ (8.1) and it told me I was missing some Axis jars and it helpfully downloaded them for me. However, it didn't subsequently add them to my project. So I need to add these; however, I have no idea where it downloaded them to. So where does IntelliJ download the jar files to?

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Don't worry Michael.
Once downloaded they are available at <HOME>/.IntelliJIdea80/system/webservices/axis/1.4/*.jar

Why don't you just create an Axis project ?
New Project -> ... -> Web Application -> Web Services -> Axis

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I just ended up downloading axis and grabbing the jars that way.

I didn't create an web service project because I forgot about IntelliJ having that functionality:-) Actually this was the first time I have used IntelliJ's web service client generation. Pretty slick. (usually use BEA's servicegen ANT task, figured I would give IntelliJ's client generation a go)


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