IDEA icon for gnome menu


Does anybody have IDEA icon to use in gnome menu?

I have converted idea32.png to idea.svg using inkspace, but still can not choose it in dialog.

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For example: if you have installed IntellJDIEA in path: /opt/apps/idea you must do:

In the menu -> System -> Preferences -> Main Menu

Choose group an click button "New Item"
fill Name field,

in Command field write: /opt/apps/idea/bin/

to choose icon click button on the top-left -> new widnow popup

set the path: /opt/apps/idea/bin , you will see all icons in that folder. Choose one and hit OK button.

You dont need to convert icons to svg format. Gnome supports .png files as well.

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Yes, I know how to create new item in menu, but I can not choose png as icon... It's strange.

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It's braindead UI design in the gnome panel applet icon selection process. Instead of double clicking on the idea/bin directory when you "browse" for the icon, just select it (ie single click to highlight) and click the open button; then you get presented with all the images in that directory including the pngs which can be used.


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