IDEA 8.1 suddenly running out of memory on startup

I've been happily using IDEA until today. This morning, I changed 2 things in my OSX dev enviroment:
Upgraded svn client to 1.6.0 via macports
upgraded the IDEA Ruby plugin
installed the Spring WebFlow plugin
after that IDEA keeps putting a dialog box:
I increased the amount higher and higher and still get this dialog. Eventually anything about Xmx 2048 will just make IDEA crash on startup with no messages except a error reporting dialog for Apple.
I forgot where the IDEA log is located. I can post that if needed.

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did you try increasing MaxPermSize ?
The message tends to look alike for both, and I've often found it useful to increase it myself, my current settings (local machine has 4GB of memory but I'm usually running many other things) are


Those can be found in IDEA's install directory, in idea.exe.vmoptions file


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