Little problem creating a new EJB. Possible bug or am I missing something?

Hello guys,

I am having a little issue creating an new EJB.

First I add a new module and I select EJB 3.0 in the wizard.
Then I right click in the source folder and I choose new "Session EJB".
The I receive a dialog to give the EJB name, and according to the help, I should be able to see a check box to create the interface automatically, but I do not see any check box.

Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance,


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Since interfaces are POJO's in EJB3, we don't offer special dialog for
their creation, they are easy to create in a usual way. Apparently help
is incorrect here.

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Not only the help is wrong. The tutorial in Jeybrains website site is also wrong as well.

It does not matter if it is easy to create manually of not. The IDE is supposed to help you with these tasks. You can do it in Netbeans or Eclipse. When I took this IDE, I've found out that the wizard creates everything in the half and very different than the other IDEs. I've spent hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong until I have finally decided to do it manually.

It was not really a pleasure to develop it in this way.

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You might get more help if you were more constructive.  What do you want it to do for you that it did not do?  Is this problem due to a lack of functionality in IDEA or a lack in your knowledge of EJB3?

I am not trying to give you a hard time.  I am about to start an EJB3 project and I am interested in your answers.

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My main problem is to create an EJB with the wizard creating the interfaces as well as it is described in the Help.

I have received an answer saying that the Help is wrong and I should create the interfaces manually. I did that.

There is a tutorial in the web site as well, on IDEA 7, that contains the check boxes to create the the interfaces. But I could not find any way to make the check boxes available in IDEA 8.

I've bought my license of IDEA 8 a month ago and I did not know if I was doing anything wrong. I have recreated the project several times, the modules several times. I have changed and reinstalled the Java SDK and IDEA several times, thinking that there was some kind of corruption in my installation.

So I came to this forum and ask the question and I have been informed that the Help is wrong. Sorry if I was not very nice in my last answer, but after all this time trying and trying, this one was not the answer I was expecting.


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IntelliJ IDEA has always been code-centric, our main purpose is to make
the code editing as pleasant as possible. As a side effect, special UI
besides the text editor is created only when it would make the verbose
things easy to create. EJB2.1 beans are very verbose. Each bean requires
an entry in the ejb-jar.xml and lots of classes with special methods. So
there is the dialog you've seen in the help that will create all of this
for you. EJB3 bean is on the other hand a very lightweight construct,
basically one class is enough. The EJB interfaces are also Java
interfaces, and we have decent text editor support for creating them. So
we've concentrated on supporting other EJB3 aspects (find usages,
rename) relying on the existing JavaSE support for the bean
declarations. Help is not that incorrect, it probably just doesn't
articulate well that EJB3 beans, being POJOs, don't require such
overloaded configuration dialog, and thus don't get it.


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