Problems on converting project from 3.0.5 to Aurora

Hi All,
I have some amount of requests similiar to:
This happens when you open 3.0.5 project in Aurora for the first

Despite my begging, no one have yet posted an original 3.0.5 project file so
that I can reproduce and fix the problem.

If you happen to experience such crash on IDEA startup, you will oblige me
greatly if you spend 3 minutes of your time and post an original 3.0.5
project that either directly to me, or as a comment to request 23745.

All I need is your .ipr from 3.0.5 - I do not need your sources or any other
confidential information.

Thanks in advance,
Dmitry Lomov
Software Developer
JetBrains Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Converting work perfectly :)
I have only assertion when try to change not valid JDK to valid.
Project from old plugin here:

Assertion here:


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