Appfuse 'warpath' dependancies and Idea

I'm working my way through the appfuse tutorial, and I was wondering about a
problem I've encountered with imports and the way Appfuse packages some of its
libraries inside 'war' files.

Writing a test class that extends BasePageTestCase, Idea helpfully suggest the
import of the full class name [org.appfuse.webapp.action.BasePageTestCase?

But nothing happens when alt-enter is pressed.

Manually typing the import string shows the 'webapp' in red

Looking at the project view 'Libraries' tree shows an imported dependancy
Maven: org.appfuse:appfuse-jsf:war:2.0.2

Expanding the tree view shows the package and classes in the stadard location
for a war file - inside WEB-INF/classes

It would appear that Idea is almost resoving things properly, or
it wouldn't hint about the import. It is failing to resolve the import when
one is explictly provided. While the Appfuse 'warpath' bug may be a
misfeature, a build that works from the command line while indicating errors
in Idea shows a problem with Idea.

Is there a work around short of extracting the WEB-INF/classes directory and
repackaging it as a non-maven artifact?

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