Brainstorm: Merge editor UI

Hello, folks. I was about to propose a new UI for the merge editor when I realized that is has some problems. So how about a quick brainstorm here on the forum, and if something good comes out of it we create a feature request.

The problem: In the 3-pane merge editor, each pane is too narrow, at least on my 15" monitor.

First proposed solution: make the merge editor T-way, something like this:

The new problem: we lost the nice "arrow" and "X" controls that simple moved the changes from the local changes or from the lastest CVS revisions. Could that controls somehow fit in this new layout nicely? I'm not sure, and this is what's this topic is all about.

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Did you take a look at the latest SmartCVS EAP version?


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Just downloaded it yesterday -- but haven't used it to merge a file yet.


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