License file on a Mac

I have a idea80.key file from my linux box at work. Where does this file go at on a Mac? I am working from home today (several inches of snow are falling) and would really like to use 8.1 rather than 7.0.4 I currently have at home.

I tried entering the key found in the idea80.key file (mac's text edit appears to be read ucs2 just fine) but it said invalid key.

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The path is ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdeaNN/ideaMM.key.


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Thanks for the info. I was able to get my license installed. I still don't know why a spotlight search didn't come up with that file...hmm.

I also noticed that cut/pasting from that file to the Key textfield on the register dialog didn't work. Must be because of the strange file encoding on that file. Cut/pasting from an ASCII version of the key did work.


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