Code assistance can not work while editing js files

Rescently I find a issue that code assistance can not work while editing js files. While editing js files, it should popup a window that contain all the properties and methods available of a object when input a dot after this object or press Ctrl + Space. This code assistance functionality works fine when I edit java/jsp files now. Even it works fine when I edit js files a months ago but now it can not work for editing js fils.
My IntelliJ version is 7.0.2.
I uninstalled IntelliJ (keep configure) and reinstalled it, the issus still exists.
I uninstalled all the plugins I installed ever, the issus still exits.
Can it be some configure causes, Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I have resolved this issue. I find in .IntelliJIdea70\config  there's file named "disabled_plugins.txt", After I delete this file, the issue disappears.


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