922 ant compile takes forever and forever

I have a large project about 200 packages. It takes less than 3 minutes to recompile the project using ant build.xml compile task.

When I tried to recompile the project with 922, IDEA is taking forever to compile. IDEA seemed to lock up my CPU even more than before, and the progress in the Ant Build messages window was much slower (like 50X slower). After 30 minutes, I just killed IDEA.

I restarted and tried again, and the same thing happened, except I killed it after 10 minutes.

This is using the same project file and same build.xml that was working under 977 build.

I just switched back to build 977 and the project recompiled fine in 2.5 minutes.


I filed a bug on this and someone else did also.
If you depend on ANT build.xml for your project, I would recommend holding off upgrading to 992 yet.

22927 ant build takes a very long time

22998 ant compile takes 100X longer in 992 versus 977


I'm not seeing any slowdown with Ant, so it's probably worth checking it out before passing on 992.


I tried upping the memory from the default 128mb to 384mb to see if it made any difference, but I'm still seeing the same problem. The memory usage starts at 44m of 75m and creeps up to 59m or 75m before I killed it. The memory usage seems similar to build 972.

Some of the single ant tasks seem to work, like compiling a single package or jarring some classes. Hard to tell if they are slower or not. The main problem is when I recompile the entire project of 200 packages. It starts of at a pretty good clip but starts getting slower and slower and slower.

Possibly could be related to the number of messages or the size of the tree in the Messages - Ant Build window.


FYI A workaround for me is to switch the Ant Build Message window to 'text mode' instead of 'tree mode'. Then, my compilation goes through.


200 packages?!

How many classes? 2000? 10000?

So glad that I have only ~500 classes in ~40 packages. Complete rebuild with 'cleanall' and obfuscation takes 24 secs in 1.6 P4 Mobile 512 Ram.

JVM options: -server -Xms64m -Xmx64m


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