Log4J Appenders and Build 977

I haven't really complained about this one because I had been pushing out my log4j stuff to files, but recently I created a project that used:


and not of the log messages were showing up in the console window. Is this a bug that has been reported already or should I go ahead and put it in? I suspect it has something to do with Idea intercepting the Log4J output and putting it in one of its own log files.


I doubt that IDEA would do anything to change the behavior of your program when it's running inside of IDEA, so I think this might not be IDEA's problem.


I wouldn't have thought so either but it was logging in 963 and then wasn't in 977. I'll try it with a new project in the next release (whenever that is) and see what happens. Right now I have pretty much all of IntelliJs loggers commented to avoid assert hell so any new testing would be invalid.


Logging to the IntelliJ console window that is - not out to a logfile or anything. That continued to work without issue.


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