Missing support for properties in JSF configuration?

Hi everyone,

I just started to develop a JSF-based web application in IDEA 8.0.1. Anyhow, it seems like IDEA does not provide any support for the managed properties inside managed beans in the faces configuration editor. If a new managed bean is created, IDEA provides auto completion for class name, scope, etc. But if I add a new managed property to the bean no code completion is available. In addition, if a simply enter a wrong or not existing property name, the inspections do not mark this as an error.

Is it right that there is currently no support for managed properties? Or am I missing something?


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Hi again,

I think I figured something out. There are several JIRA issues that report broken property support in JSF 1.2. I haven't tried JSF 1.1 but I think that this is exactly the problem I have reported. Is there any info available when a fix will be available?



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